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Russian culture has a long history. Russia can claim a long tradition of dividend in many aspects of the arts, especially when it comes to literature and philosophy,

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Feb 10, 2017 · Washington (CNN)For the first time, US investigators say they have corroborated some of the communications detailed in a 35-page dossier compiled by a

Most projections of future trends in national power fail to appreciate the importance of three crucial factors: (1) the declining EROEI of energy resources (including

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One of the most difficult aspects of learning Russian is figuring out the proper удар е ние (stress) in different words. What makes it so difficult is that in

New: This Russian lesson is still in development. It is not complete and may contain some errors. Please report any errors to the corrections forum.

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as·pect (ăs′pĕkt) n. 1. a. A way in which something can be viewed by the mind: looked at all aspects of the situation. b. A characteristic or feature of

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Russian Ballet Orlando presents La Bayadere set in legendary india. It follows the story of Nikiya the temple dancer, her lover Solor, and the vengeance that keeps

Meaning in Slavic languages. The title Tsar is derived from the Latin title for the Roman emperors, Caesar. In comparison to the corresponding Latin word “imperator

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Russian Audio: To help you learn Russian this lesson has sound. Click the green icon to listen. Now that you understand the Russian letters and numbers, we will begin

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