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How Do Condoms Work? Condoms work by keeping semen (the fluid that contains sperm) from entering the vagina. The male condom is placed on the penis when it becomes erect.

Mar 20, 2016 · Find the right fit. Most condoms fit the average penis, which is four to seven inches long. Try on a regular-sized condom and determine how it fits.

Male condoms have a tight ring to form a seal around the penis while female condoms typically have a large stiff ring to keep them from slipping into the body orifice.

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Learn more from WebMD about male and female condoms and their role in birth control and preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

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If you need to purchase condoms, check out our selection of great brands at affordable prices. We are the online condom specialists.

Condom Do’s and Don’ts DO’s: DO use only latex or polyurethane (plastic) condoms. DO keep condoms in a cool, dry place. DO put the condom on an erect (hard) penis

Male condoms are the best method to lessen the chance of getting STIs. To prevent pregnancy, use condoms with another form of contraception. Only use water based

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Condom expiration dates. How long do condoms last before they expire? [back to top] Each condom manufacturer must determine the shelf life for their condoms.

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When you’re uncircumcised, condoms can become a little more complicated. Learn about the right condoms for uncircumcised men from Condom Depot.

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